Friday, March 13, 2009

Paint Seashells Permanently (Seashells Jewelry Making)

Seashells Jewelry Making

In making of seashells jewelry, the last part in order to complete and get a beautiful result is to paint the seashells permanently.

Seashells are porous so they hold the paint well. It's not necessary to bleach, just to soak in water and let them dry in the sun. You can bleach them though; it won't hurt and will clean them and remove any dirt and bacteria. Recommend that we should using acrylic paints, these are permanent, and come in every color, and are easy to find in any craft store.

If we want a softer look of the paint to our seashells, dilute the Acrylic paints with some water, so we would paint the entire seashells a base white before applying other colors. Then let the painted seashells dry in the sun. Next and most important, as we don't want our seashell's paint to scrape off or get scratched, purchase a clear coat sealer, these are inexpensive and we will be able to get a lot of use out of one can. Also, if we want a little shine to our seashells, get a gloss or semi gloss, but they also come in flat matte. This final step is what will preserve the painting, and protect it from easily coming off. We might also like to try using the Acrylic Glossies paints, which can be baked in the oven and will give a hard ceramic like finish after they are baked. It might be interesting to try a few!

Seashells also might be more shining look if we polish them. We need to get them really clean first, put them on an ant nest with a cover to keep off the sun which can fade the colours. After a week, remove them. We can use the toothpaste idea, but some collectors do not polish their seashells.

Seashells Jewelry Making


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