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How to Make a Seashell Wreath (Seashell Jewelry Making)

Seashell Jewelry Making

Summer is here, and combing the beach for prized seashells can make for a wonderful family outing. When you get your seashells home, instead letting them collect dust, you can make a seashell wreath to display the most attractive and most liked seashells your family has found.


Step 1
Sort the seashells by size. You should have piles of large, medium and small seashells. If it helps, you can sketch how you would like for the wreath to look when you are finished before you begin gluing anything onto the wreath.

Step 2
Begin by gluing the largest seashells onto the wreath. Spread the large seashells out and cover the wreath from top to bottom, leaving space for the other decorations. Be sure to use enough glue to completely glue the seashells down. You may begin by placing glue on the edges of the seashell and then add extra glue if they come off of the wreath too easily.

Step 3
Glue the medium seashells on the wreath following the pattern of your large ones. Keep in mind as you place the seashells on the wreath, that you will want to cluster some of the seashells in certain spots, like the top and bottom, in order to make a uniform decoration.

Step 4
Check the wreath for gaps often as you make your seashell wreath. If gaps appear between the medium and large seashells, you can cover them with your smallest seashells.

Step 5
Use your different sized ribbons loosely at first before you affix them to the wreath permanently. You can weave small ribbons around the shells themselves, or you can use larger ribbon to make a prominent bow on the bottom or side of the wreath. Your options are endless.

Step 6
Affix the ribbon to the wreath using hot glue where it seems needed. If you have droopy ribbon in places, it is a good idea to add a bit more glue to these areas.

Step 7
Arrange dried flowers, sand dollars or dried starfish to the wreath to add some flare. These can be added to the areas with bows or ribbons, and can also be glued on with the hot glue gun. Be sure to let the wreath completely dry before you try to handle it and hang it up.

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Seashell Jewelry Making


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