Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crystal Seashell with Sodalite for Positive Energy

The Crystal Seashell with Sodalite for Positive Energy is perfect for enhancing your life. Crystals are famed as effective Qi (pronounced 'chee')enhancers, therefore are able to disperse stale, negative Qi from a premise to encourage the infusion of fresh, positive energy into one's home.

This item is made up of a shell with a 'pearl' within - this is made up entirely of crystal. This item is accompanied by small tumbled sodalite crystal chips to be scattered under the shell, or used on its own as an addition to your Wealth Pot or even poured into the shell, nestling the pearl.

To enhance your overall life potential with this crystal piece, place it in convergence areas such as the living room, lounge, dining room or even the kitchen (at a space where it cannot be swiped by sticky little fingers).


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