Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Decorate Your Home With Seashells

Seashell jewelry Making

Bathroom Mirror
A seaside theme is quite common for a bathroom and the shells can be stuck to the corners and the base of the mirror to give an enhanced look. Blue acrylic paint can be used to add a ‘sea wave effect’ to the mirror.

Photo Frame
A plain photo frame can be beautified by sticking a variety of shells and making a simple design along the borders. The design can be further embellished with beads and glitter.

Toothpicks for cocktail snacks can be decorated with small sea shells. The sea shells can be painted in different colours with acrylic paint and left to dry. Once dried, one sea shell can be affixed onto the head of each toothpick.

Potted Plants
The larger shells can be placed on the mud inside potted plants. These need not be removed while watering the plants and can be kept there permanently.

Wall Hanging Picture
Shells can be used as a part of a collage and made into a wall hanging. This is a good activity for kids as it will enhance their creative abilities and keep them occupied on a rainy day.

Seashell Table Arrangements
A variety of sea shells can be used in floral table arrangements. These can be painted in different colours, left natural or enhanced with glitter to give a festive party look.

Seashell jewelry Making


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