Friday, June 19, 2009

Friendship Necklace Designs

  1. Choose three different colors embroidery thread and cut them into five foot long pieces.
  2. Hold the three strings together at one end and tie the strings together using a knot. Then, tape the knot down on your table or workspace.
  3. Hold two of the threads in your left and the remaining thread in your right hand.
  4. Take the string in your right hand and make a loop around two strings in your left hand.
  5. Then, pull thread through the loop to make a knot, pulling the knot snug to the top of the necklace. Repeat this eight times.
  6. Then, twist the single thread around the two threads once. You have probably noticed that your necklace is starting to twist. This is good. The single thread twist will help your necklace twist even more. Make seven more knots.
  7. Now, switch one of the colors from your left hand into your right hand and put the color that you have been knotting in your left hand. Make eight knots, take a twist and make seven more knots.
  8. Put the third color thread into your right hand and take the “knotting” tread into your left. Eight knots, a twist and seven knots and you are done with this color for now.
  9. Keep repeating with colors
  10. Keep on repeating until your necklace is complete.


- Use six threads
- Put two threads in your right hand, two threads in your left hand and leave two threads in the center, laying on your table or workspace.
- Take left hand strings and go under the center strands and over the top to form a loop. Pull the left hand strands through the loop to form a knot. Pull tight to the top of the necklace.
- Take the right hand strings and go underneath the center threads to form a loop. Pull the right hand strings through the loop to form a knot.
- Remember that you are only using the center strings as the “core” of your necklace. They won’t be making any knots. In addition, your right strings will always stay on the right after finishing a knot, as will the left threads. The threads will never switch sides.
- Repeat until your necklace is finished


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