Friday, June 12, 2009

How to Decorate Pots With Seashells

These will become very interesting and unusual plant pots. They are mainly for indoor use. They make wonderful gifts. First you must collect seashells or buy them from your local craft store. Some shells can remain in their natural state and others can be spray painted in gold and silver. Just place the shells on some newspaper in the garage or outdoors if it's sunny and warm. With your gold or silver start spraying the shells. You can create a few in all gold, all silver and a combination of gold and silver. It's also a good idea to have small beads on hand for filling spaces between the shells. Make sure you have a prepared work space. I use tile adhesive for this project. Usually tile adhesive is applied with a thin layer, however after much experimenting I found a method that works really well. You apply a thick layer of tile adhesive and squish the seashells into the adhesive. The excess adhesive will ooze out of the seams and corners; now you can press beads into these areas. This method eliminates grouting.


Terra Cotta Pots in an assortment of sizes
Seashells in an assortment of sizes and shapes
Gold and silver spray paint
Tile adhesive
Rubber gloves or surgical gloves
Silver, gold, and pearl beads

Basic Method:

Spray paint your seashells in a variety of gold and silver, let dry. With a spatula apply a think ¾ inch layer of tile adhesive covering your entire pot. Make sure the top edge of your pot is always clean and rounded off. Carefully start pressing the seashells into the pot. You can place them randomly or follow a design that you may have created yourself.

Apply beads in all the nooks and small areas where the shells couldn't fit. Make sure the bottom of your pot also has clean edges. Create a few of these pots in an assortment of sizes. Places in a safe place and let dry for a few days. These are indoor pots only.

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