Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Make A Button Bracelet

Themed Button Bracelet Using A Stretch Cord

In making stretchy themed button bracelet all you need are your chosen themed buttons and Stretch Magic Bead/Jewelry Cord. There are wide assortments of themed buttons available at your local bead stores. You can be creative and include some handmade glass beads if you want to.

Just use buttons and make a spiral design; however this will require you a lot of buttons and it doesn’t show off smaller buttons well. You can use an alternative like placing a spacer or beads to separate and show off your buttons.

Pick your desired buttons and beads and start to lay out your pattern. You can explore and play with other designs and styles.

You can now cut a piece of stretchy cord six inches longer that your wrist measurement, this is for adjustment or extension if necessary. On one end, you have to put a paper clip.

After that, you can now start with your stringing. If in case you aren’t satisfied with the way the pieces mesh, just simply restring it. When you are now satisfied with your design and you have now a correct length of bracelet your are creating, finish it by simply line up the two loose ends side by side and then tie an overhand knot.

Button Bracelet Using Memory Wire

For this project you will need some vintage buttons to put at the center of your bracelet, and coordinated stones and beads for the rest. Prepare also a bracelet memory wire, some jewelry making tools such as round tipped needle nose pliers for looping each end and holding the beads and small materials in place, and a wire cutter. If you wish to finish the end of your bracelet, you can also use glue on an end cap.

Start laying out your desired design. Get your memory wire, cut a piece of it two inches longer than your wrist’s measurement.

You also have to put a clip at one end.

String one half of your design starting at the center button.

Before continuing the rest of your stringing, check the fit first. This way you can easily adjust the length if it’s not half of your wrist’s measurement. After that, switch the clip to the other end and start stringing with the other half.

In making the end loops. Just grip the loose end of memory wire using needle nose pliers.

Wrap the wire around the pliers to shape the loop; you have to position the pliers for you have the size of loop you want. Tightly grasp the pliers; push the wire away from you and around the tip of the pliers until you have finished the complete loop. Make sure you have lots of wire when doing this project.

Lastly, clip off the other end and cut away any excess wire and repeat the looping process.

That is just the beginning you can learn other jewelry making techniques in adding more colors to metal or working with polymer clay jewelry. It is all up to you as to how far and how detailed you want to get. The only thing that limits a jeweler is their imagination, so imagine, dream and create


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