Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seashells Jewelry - A New Lifestyle

Seashells jewelry has been used throughout history as marks of beauty or as good luck charms such as earrings, pearls and other seashell crafts. Individuals believed images of seashells jewelry has influence to ward off misfortune while attracting and welcoming health and prosperity. 75,000 years ago. Archaeologists say the discovery of the Stone Age sea shell beads hint that people had advanced concepts of seashells jewelry symbolism and language earlier than anyone realized.

Today, celebrities that teenagers see in music videos, tv programs or movie screens are largely responsible for making trends in teen seashells jewelry fashion. The oversized, accoutrements favored by rap artists have spawned the hip-hop make a jewelry trend, and teenagers have been patronizing lower-priced but accurate gifts of celebrity bling bling. Instead of the diamonds and other precious gems used in celebrity jewelry and seashells jewelry, cheaper zirconia and base metals are used for duplicates.

Currently the hottest trend in summer beachwear jewelry – one that is endorsed by most of the Hollywood celebrities and which occupied reams of newsprint and the cover spread in the People magazine – is sea shells jewelry, belonging to the genre of oceanesque/marine/aquatic beach jewelry.

In fact no Hollywood film or pop music video featuring bikini clad babes is complete without that ubiquitous piece of sea shell necklace adorning the necks of beach beauties! The fashion jewelry industry is in a tizzy over transforming lobster shells, anchors, clams, starfish, corals, oyster shells, coconut shells and various other kinds of sea shells into Object d’Art which can spice up a regular ensemble in a jiffy.

Sea shells are versatile ingredients and can be used to create large cocktail rings, single pendants, long charm pendants, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, dangling earrings, ear tops, necklaces etc.

Body jewelry - both the pierced and non-pierced types, that is unusually designed and made with inexpensive seashells has also seen an increase in teenage seashells jewelry wholesale drilled. Some masculine teen seashells jewelry fashion trends, on the other hand, tend to lean more toward handcrafted work of beads, silver, leather, and unusual pearls. Teenage guys seem to think that sporty-looking accessories, such as so-called surfer-dude necklaces and arm bands made from bone, wood, or seashells jewelry beads on a rubber or leather cord are cool.

In fact sea shells jewelry combined with bones, horn, stones, wooden beads, mother of pearl shells, and other such natural marine materials form the mainstay of Balinese and Philippine and Hawaiian jewelry.


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