Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tips for Making Pearl Cluster Earrings

Pearl Cluster Earrings

As we all know, pearl earrings are famous for their beautiful characteristic and charming pearl cluster. Here are a few tips you might have in mind in order to make pearl cluster earrings. It is not a tutorials but just a tips for you to explore the skills.

• You need to have basic tools for beading works to make the pearl earrings.

• Choose a few colors of headpins and hooks such as gold and silver and of course the pearl materials.

• On each headpin, put a pearl and add more small pearls or bead to it according to the pattern you have selected beforehand. Complete that with the tools you have bought.

• Holding the stop end of the headpin; place the tip of the needle nose pliers on them. Roll the pliers to the side, bending the headpin to a 90 degree angle. Make a small loop with the pliers.

• Correct the small places where are not suitable to your ears, and perfect the loops with the pliers.

With these steps, you can make pearl cluster earrings for yourself according to your own imagination. Keep the tips of making pearl cluster earrings in your mind, and enjoy the masterpiece of yourself with delight.

Pearl Cluster Earrings


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